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Herbal Renaissance

Divine Collection

Divine Collection

This is the full collection of our most popular seven teasThis is a collection that is sure to please. Each tea has its own flavor, soul, and medicinal properties. As well, the teas blend seamlessly. Checkout the short descriptions and blend recommendations below. You can find the extended information about each tea on their respective individual pages. 

Opt to include a 100-count of top-notch Soursop Leaves and Blue Agave.

This collection automatically comes with 100 disposable teabags.

The Divine Collection Includes:

Immune Builder (Inflammation/Antiviral)

Amazonian Energy (Energy/Inflammation)

Iron Hammer (Blood Cleanser/Inflammation)

Senna Detox  (Colon Cleanse/Parasites)

Amber Passion (Libido/Hormone Balancing)

Sweet Dreams (Rest/Cell Regeneration)

Stress Away (Stress/ Relaxation)


Our favorite mixes include:

Immune Blender + Senna Detox

Amazonian Energy + Iron Hammer

Senna Detox + Iron Hammer

Iron Hammer + Immune Builder  

Senna Detox + Amazonian Energy

Sweet Dreams + Immune Builder

Iron Hammer + Stress Away

Amber Passion + Amazonian Energy


 * Steepers, teapots, and teabags can be found under “Tea Accessories

*Gold Tins instead of bags can be requested. If in stock, we will oblige with no extra charge.

100% Fresh Herbs

Made in Small Batches

Powerful Health Benefits

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