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Herbal Renaissance

Omega Inflammation Pack

Omega Inflammation Pack


1 Iron Hammer Herbal Tea

1 Amazonian Energy Herbal Tea

1 Ultimate Detox Supplement

OPTIONAL ADD-On: 100 Green Soursop Leaves

OPTIONAL ADD-ON: 100 Disposable Tea bags

Key herbs within this package include Dandelion, Cleavers, Moringa, Guayusa, Blessed Thistle, Rooibos, etc…these herbs rid the body of inflammation, remove excess mucus, and provides alkaline nourishment to the blood and organs, as well as energy and antioxidants.

This package is our best teas and supplements for inflammatory ailments listed below:



Insulin Resistance



Fatty Liver


Chronic Fatigue



100% Fresh Herbs

Made in Small Batches

Powerful Health Benefits

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